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Why “Niya Niya Enterprise”? Kaizu Ryosuke, Red Mask “Hikari Sentai Maskman” and Kei Shindachiya, Five Blue “Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman” were both a part of a series of Charity events. The first was held in the Philippines, back in early 2015. This actually was the base to create the “Niya Niya Brothers” 


Michiko Makino, Pink Five “Choudenshi Bioman”; Eri Tanaka, Mega Yellow “Denji Sentai Megaranger”; and Juri Miyazawa, Ginga Pink “Seijuu Sentai Gingaman” formed the “Niya Niya Sisters”. The Brothers and Sisters all having a common background, having starred in Sentai Hero shows, leading the way to create a new path of entertainment, the “Niya Niya Enterprise”


With the intent of creating a means of interacting with the fans, this all started with the first Niya Niya Brothers event in July 2016.  It then continued with the first Niya Niya Sisters “All Together Night” in November 2016.


Several decades have passed since the end of each Sentai series the Niya Niya members were part of. In recent years, many events have taken place. Although many of us haven’t kept active in the entertainment business, thanks to these events it became possible to have meet and greets with fans, who are always there to welcome and warmly greet us with open arms.


It seems many of you watched the shows while On Air. Others, who weren’t born yet, discovered the shows later on. Seeing everyone’s passionate devotion over the years has made us realize what a great opportunity it was to be a part of such a history-making TV series. And as a result, left us with a feeling of responsibility. A responsibility to express our thanks to each and every one of you, and to show our love and support to you in return.


The love for Sentai is never-ending, and overall the thought of always staying together and how to stay together is, of course, the most important thing in our minds. We wondered how and what we could do to convey these feelings?


The idea of delivering the poetic messages as songs immediately came to mind. 

Niya Niya Brothers Theme / Niya Niya Brothers

Always Together / Niya Niya Sisters

These two songs marked our CD debut.


We have hopes that, as you listen to the songs, all our thoughts and feelings will come across to you somehow. That's the whole purpose of this project. 


Thanks to recent Charity based activities/events in the Philippines (TOKU SPIRITS), I strongly believe that we have been assigned yet another important mission.

There are many children living in extremely disadvantaged circumstances in the world, and also locally here in Japan. Even so, they are strong-willed and work hard to blend in, to be members of society. We would like to extend our support in all ways possible for their causes. Honestly, not knowing our limits we will work hard towards seeing this and further missions get carried out.


As included in the lyrics of the songs;

"Yes, this world is made of love" & "Together Forever"


Wishing there will be no separation of any kind and everyone will remain together in this world full of love.


The support of each and every one of you is our inspiration and a crucial point of encouragement to see this project go forward.

We look forward to your continued support of the NIYA NIYA Family.




Ryousuke Kaizu

Kei Shindachiya

Michiko Makino

Eri Tanaka

Juri Miyazawa

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